“Overcomers By Faith Ministry”

Listed below are links to certain Cancers treated at:

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Click on the links below to see how these cancers will be treated:

Bladder Cancer                       Lung Cancer

Brain Cancer                           Melanoma Cancer

Breast Cancer                         Non-Hodgkin lymphom

Cervical Cancer                      Ovarian Cancer

Colorecrtal Cancer                  Pancreatic Cancer

Esophageal Cancer                Prostate Cancer

Kidney Cancer                        Skin-cancer

Leukemia                                Thyroid Cancer

Liver Cancer                           Uterine Cancer




Link to CTCA Mission Statement:

The Mission of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Let’s pray!

Our Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name, we use our power and authority invested in us through the shed blood of Jesus and we curse the seed and root cause of this sickness. We command it to line the up with Your Word, which states, “by His Stripes we are healed”. We command their Immune System to be strengthened. For all good cells to multiply and attack all bad cells. We command all Hormone levels to return to normal. If needed in the heart or elsewhere, we command all electrical frequencies to be normal. Thank You Father for sending Jesus that we might have life and Life MORE ABUNDANTLY, to the overflow. In the precious Name of Jesus, Amen.

Many prayers and much love in Christ,

Rusty and Jennie